Season for Peace is a Dallas, grassroots group of thought leaders, artists, musicians, ministers, sound healers , meditation facilitators and yoga practitioners coming together to create a paradigm shift through personal, interpersonal and global peace.

Committed to transformation from the inside out, we join millions in living the daily practices of Season for Peace and Nonviolence as created by The Association of Global New Thought ( in 1998.

Honoring the lives of Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and countless men and women of peace, the Season offers 64 Ways in 64 Days to cultivate peace through the daily challenges and awakening to the good that is available for all.

Through community building, dialogues, artistic events, we set the intention of seeing a world that works for everyone as we move into greater cooperation so all beings may thrive.

May we cultivate peace for our children and the next seven generations.

How it Began